How do I get help?

Childhood Psychology

Initial assessment

All treatments at NOSA start with an initial assessment with one of our experienced practitioners. We try to conduct all assessments within two weeks, but if for whatever reason this is not possible, we will let you know.

We appreciate that first contact can be a daunting and anxiety provoking experience. It is important to us that we form trusting and warm relationships with the people we work with, right from the point of entry. We therefore put extra effort into making sure you feel heard and supported during all communication with us.

An initial assessment can take up to two hours. We try not to stipulate how long it will be exactly, as we have found that different people require more time than others. The purpose of the assessment is to conduct a thorough evaluation of your needs and goals. This will involve an in depth conversation about the problems you have been experiencing. 

At the end of the assessment we will recommend a treatment package that is right for you. This will include an idea of the treatments we recommend, as well as the amount of therapy hours we believe you need. 

To make a referral to the clinic call us on 0117 452 4455 or complete our contact form by clicking here.

"You cured my phobia! You managed to do something that I thought was impossible. I have lived with this phobia since early childhood and it has had a serious, almost daily impact on my life and now it doesn't".

Rosie, June 2019

Cost of treatment 

The treatment packages we offer at NOSA are all different, dependent on the individual needs of the person we are working with. For this reason, it is impossible for us to quote a price for treatment in advance of an assessment being completed. 

Once an assessment has been completed, we will quote you a price based on the total amount of therapy hours we have agreed. It will then be up to you whether you pay for this upfront or in installments. 

Our initial assessments have a set price of £90 (for up to 120 minutes). We can also provide a written report upon request, which will cost extra.