Do you see NHS patients? 


Yes we do work with NHS patients. 

The NHS patients we see have usually accessed local services previously (e.g. IAPT services, secondary care treatment) but for whatever reason, their problems have persisted. The majority of these people will be experiencing more than one problem and have complex issues. It is not uncommon for our patients to feel that no one can help. We understand these issues and hope to offer you a different experience by working in collaboration with you to create a treatment plan that you feel truly meets your goals. 

How do I make a referral?


NHS referrals are accepted on a case-by-case basis and must be agreed with your local NHS provider before any assessment and/or treatment can take place. Usually, this involves applying to your local Care Commissioning Group (CCG) for direct individual funding (this process may differ depending on where in the country you are located). To make a referral you will need the help of an NHS professional such as a mental health nurse, GP, psychiatrist, psychologist or anyone else you have been working with. The referral process can be complicated and daunting for both patients and professionals. Try your best to follow the steps written below but if you want to discuss your personal circumstances or need help with your referral, please don't hesitate to contact us.    


Holding Hands

Step 1

The first step is for you and your NHS professional to write a brief referral letter to the service. This would usually contain a description of the current problems you are experiencing, along with any past and/or current treatment you are receiving (both medication and psychological treatment). Please send your letter to:

National Outreach Service for Anxiety

North Bristol House

Unit 4

13 Soundwell Road



BS16 5AJ

Once we have read your letter, we will contact you to let you know if we are the right service to assess your needs. If we agree that we are, we will advise you and your NHS professional of the steps to take to secure funding for an assessment session with our clinicians. 

Step 2

Once we have received confirmation that your funding for assessment has been agreed, we will arrange to meet with you. We aim to conduct assessments as soon as possible, but this will depend on how busy we are. Assessments will usually take around 2 to 3 hours to complete. This can take place in your home, an NHS building or other agreed location. In all cases (as with all our work) we will try to make the location as accessible for you as possible and usually seek to find somewhere in your locality. Alternatively, we have access to suitable rooms at our clinic located in Bristol.

The purpose of the assessment is to establish a detailed idea of your needs and what treatment you require to help you with your problems. We will then write a report which we will review with you before sending to your NHS professional. It will then be their responsibility to write to the funding body and request the funding needed to deliver your treatment. Please be aware, at this point there is no guarantee that your funding will be granted. However, we will do everything we can to help you in this process. 

Form on Clipboard
Therapy Session

Step 3

Once funding is agreed, we will aim to begin your treatment as soon as possible. How long it takes to begin your treatment will depend on how busy we are at that time. However, we know that long waiting times can be damaging for the people we see, so we do our best to see people as soon as is possible.

How your treatment is delivered will be decided in collaboration with you. As a specialist service, we try to be as flexible as possible according to your needs. This means sessions can be delivered over extended periods of time (3 hours for example) and in a variety of locations (at home, in the community or in a clinic).